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I’m a huge family guy. The more time I can spend with my brilliant, beautiful, and amazing wife and hilarious, talented, and playful daughter…the happier I am.

My daily routine is up at 5, head to the health club, and into the pool for a great swim.  After the swim it’s into the sauna to meditate. Nothing like hot, sweaty soul searching and 110 degree inner peace. After the sauna, I pour a hot cup of organic tea and settle down in the ‘quiet room” at the the health club and read for an hour. Get home in time to have breakfast with my daughter, chat, joke around, and take her to school. 

Spent much of my life in the entertainment industry. Did standup comedy for 15 years. Then I had to sit down. Wrote a bunch of screenplays. Wrote and produced promos, trailers, and epk’s in Hollywood for tv and film. After 911, my life changed. Moved to Sedona, AZ.  A feast for the eyes and senses. Red Rocks and canyons all around. I pinch myself every morning because I can’t believe I live in this glorious place.

I started a real estate investment company. Bought a mess o’ houses. Had a knack for negotiating so I gravitated toward short sales and negotiating mortgage discounts.  Each day after work I head to the red rock trails on my mountain bike and kick up the dust.