Massive Action Produces Massive Results

After watching the Tony Robbins video, and recommending it to EVERYONE I knew, I would have been remiss and a hypocrite to not follow through on the message and advice given. So here’s what I did…

After my morning swim, I headed to the sauna for my daily meditation. And instead of my usual ritual of focusing on what I choose to have in my life, I focused my intention on the RESULTS, as if I had already achieved those goals, and the euphoric feeling that’s associated with it. It was a major shift, to say the least.

I kept thinking, “Peak State, Peak State, Peak State.” Not “For Pete’s Sake,” but “Peak State.” After 15 minutes of sweating like a banshee (but unaware of the heat because of the visions I saw with my third eye), I showered quickly, got dressed, and grabbed my notebook. (I always carry a notebook with me…the basic black and white composition kind).

My head was filled with ideas. I wrote like a madman. I’m about to introduce a new product to the real estate niche, so I’d been thinking about it for some time. To be honest, I was feeling stuck. But what came out of me and onto the page was how I was going to let folks know what the product is, how it was created, why I created it, and so many of the answers I was looking for. And all this ‘stuff’ just poured out onto the page. My pen and fingers couldn’t keep up with my brain.

It was such an amazing feeling to see the results and answers I’d been searching for for weeks suddenly materialize and manifest on the page IN JUST ONE SHOT! And I can’t seem to turn off the faucet. Product ideas, marketing ideas, story ideas, copy ideas just keep flowing…days after that first initial minor tweak in focus. I can’t stop writing!

So now that I tapped that potential, took action, and manifested results, my beliefs about what is possible and what can be achieved has changed as well…from uncertainty to certainty.

Give it a shot. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to change your world.